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Since 2007 TDM Financial has helped over 400 private and public companies raise millions of dollars and attract new, educated stakeholders via its flagship property and network.


Our team will provide a systems review and assessment on the core foundational elements that power your overall communication strategy.


Regular reporting will communicate our deliverables and metrics.

Capital Markets Strategy

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TDM Financial is focused on creating and maintaining the foundational elements necessary for capital markets success.


Ensure that all of your existing shareholders and prospective investors see your content on a regular basis.


Leverage the TDM Financial network and other distribution networks to develop a steady flow of new prospective investors.



Running a public company, like all things, starts with a solid foundation. It is paramount that our clients have functional systems in place that provide easy access for interested investors and company stakeholders.


With over 20 years of experience in online marketing and corporate communications, the team at TDM Financial will ensure that your success as a public entity is communicated in ways that are expected and innovative.

Website Review

Is your website doing all it can for your investors?

Internal Shareholder Management

How do you manage your existing shareholders?

Social Media Assessment

Are you active? Are you followed?

Press Release Channels Review

Are you getting the most out of your PRs?

Landing Pages and List Building

What channels are in place and where do your current investors come from?

CEO Interviews

Whether in print or on video, interviews help personalize the story.

Industry Articles

Original articles put the client in the context of important industry trends.


Visual representation of your company's product or service help your audience understand quickly.



TDM Financial helps clients put their most professional and polished image in front of existing and potential stakehodlers. We author and distribute original, client-approved content designed to communicate the investment story. We help design and create more traditional IR pieces like fact sheets and presentations. We help coordinate messaging across all investor platforms.


Videos that are built to grab attention as soundbites that lead to a larger story.

Integrated Media

Banner ads that target your audience across an expanded distribution.


Fact sheets, product sheets and market sheets all aim to quickly communicate the strength of the company.



Our team of project managers, writers and content creators will be available and accountable to the overall goals of our program As a client of TDM Financial, we will make every effort to make connections and provide advice where appropriate.

Project Managers

Team members are assigned to your project and develop a detailed understanding of the needs and goals of the program.

Content Creators

Our writers, videographers, data developers have experience in the public markets and will work closely with project managers to provide high quality content.

Industry Relationships

Having worked with over 400 public companies, our access is substantial. TDM Financial will provide that access to you whether it is for consultation, business development or potential funding avenues.


Every month, our team will provide a detailed report outlining the efforts we made, what was accomplished and what we are aiming to achieve over the next 30 days.



TDM Financial has access to a variety of investors audiences and will utilize them to maximize the reach of your investment story. features a deep audience of engaged investors, from retail to professional, who read through public company filings to reach informed decisions. We also have audiences focused on specific industries, access to high net worth investors, and social media/traffic strategies to reach beyond our konwn universe of investors. We utilize all avenues to reach our goal of 20,000 to 30,000 unique investor engagements per month.

600k registered members comprised of U.S. retail and institutional investors.

Biotech focused network of retail traders.

Alternative investments are highlighted in this expansive investor network.

Retail investor network focused on microcap market opportunities.

Straight from the mouth of CEOs, video interviews targeting retail investors.

CFN Global

Calgary-based high net worth retail investor network.

Social Media

Thousands of loyal followers across various brands and networks.

Integrated Media

Direct access to targeted media placements via TDM Financial relationships.


Over 800k active investors as part of our media network.

Deal Network

Access to the TDM Financial network of high net worth investors and capital markets veterans.

Grow Your Investor Base with Us


The content created by this program will be aimed at specific groups outlined in our overall objectives. Retail investors will be motivated by different materials than an institutional fund manager. The content must speak to the individual groups.


  • Fact Sheets
  • Featured Articles
  • Dedicated Email Creative
  • Newsletter Placements
  • In Line and Display Ads
  • Direct Contact Follow Ups
  • Social Media Posts


Existing company materials will also be distributed via our various channels.


  • Video Content
  • Marketing Materials
  • Press Coverage
  • Corporate Press Releases
  • Investor Decks 


High Net Worth Global Retail Investors


Institutional Investors


ETFs and Fund Managers




The aim of this program’s distribution will be to create investor engagements with our new materials and with the company’s existing materials. Investor engagements are defined as any of our target audience taking an action on our distribution, primarily clicking through to engage with the material.


20,000 to 30,000 unique investor engagements per month.


These engagements will be followed up with where appropriate and the overall network with be managed and reassessed by the TDM Financial team. The deliverables of the network provide long-term traction.


  • Visibility with high net worth investors.
  • Visibility with ETFs and funds.
  • Visibility with accredited investors.
  • Active and targeted messaging with a U.S., Canadian and international retail investor audience.

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