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TDM Financial’s Social Media Manager

Grow, engage & sustain your target audience with our SEC Compliant social media solution

Our SEC complaint social media solution [TDMF’s Social Media Manager] is perfect for public companies that want to leverage social media as an effective channel to build and engage their target investor audience – all while using best practices under SEC guidelines.  We can add Social Media Manager to your existing online presence and outreach efforts and it’s included in our innovative IR/PR programs.

At the end of the 3 month program, you will have:

  • Social media accounts setup, designed, integrated to website, custom investor Facebook tab on the top 5 social media (totally SEC compliant)
  • An audience of key industry influencers and active investors identified and targeted
  • A growing audience building into hundreds of new followers (600 new followers max at end of month 3)
  • Audience engagement for all of your company’s news releases, disclosures, and updates (service manages content sharing and audience engagement over all social media accounts)

After the initial program, we can continue to engage your target audience via social media and increase your audience for as long as you would like!

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