EuroSite Power: An Unbeatable Value Proposition for Consumers & Investors

EuroSite Power Generates Predictable, Long-term Revenue by Providing Customers with a Cost-Saving Solution for their Electric & Heating Needs

EuroSite Power Inc. (OTC: EUSP) owns and operates on-site combined heat and power ("CHP") and chiller systems on behalf of its customers in Europe. By burning clean natural gas and reusing waste heat, the technology generates electricity, heat and hot water at up to 90% efficiency. These gains in efficiency provide customers with a guaranteed cost saving relative to traditional utilities over the long-term.

Video: Paul Hamblyn, Managing Director of EuroSite Power, discusses CHP

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Widespread Acceptance
The European Union has been very active in promoting cogeneration with the CHP Directive in 2004, Energy Efficiency Plan of 2011, and the Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012. Significant incentives, rebates, and support are available for CHP systems in Europe.

Large End Markets
The global market for CHP systems will reach $11.2 billion by 2022 with Europe leading the way, according to a report by Pike Research. EuroSite Power provides the only inverter-based CHP system that’s small enough to fit into smaller buildings.

Predictable Cash Flow
Long-term agreements average 15 years and generate predictable cash flow over time, which means less volatility and more accurate financial modeling for investors and analysts.

High Margin Projects
EuroSite Power incurs a modest upfront cost for placing the energy systems and then generates revenue with very little overhead and a 3 to 5 year payback period.

Green Alternative
Combined heat and power systems run on clean burning natural gas and reuse waste heat in order to operate at 90% efficiency compared to just 33% for existing power grid operations.

Value Proposition for Customers

Lower Energy Costs
EuroSite Power can lower the price of energy by 5% to 20% compared to local utility rates.

ZERO Upfront Costs
EuroSite Power pays for all system costs including engineering, equipment and installation.

Lower Operational Costs
EuroSite Power pays for the natural gas fuel and maintenance associated with the systems.

Immediate Return on Investment
The savings generates immediate cash flow with energy savings that drops down to the bottom line.

Above: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or cogeneration is the simultaneous production of two types of energy – heat and electricity.

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