Advanced Cannabis Solutions (OTCQB: CANN)

Capitalizing on Growth in the Cannabis Industry - MMJ Business Daily projects that the U.S. marijuana industry will grow to $45 billion over the coming years given progress with medical and recreational legalization efforts.
A Business Model That Works - Advanced Cannabis Solutions purchases and leases back commercial real estate to marijuana growers and dispensaries while targeting aggressive ROI for the ACS business model.
Real Estate and Consulting Services - Advanced Cannabis Solutions provides consulting services along with our real estate solutions as a value-added activity designed to produce aggressive ROI for the ACS business model.
Experienced Management Team at the Helm - Advanced Cannabis Solutions is headed by an experienced management team that has extensive experience in the developing U.S. cannabis industry from both operational and regulatory perspectives.

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Advanced Cannabis Solutions Summary

Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. provides services to the regulated cannabis industry throughout the United States. They lease growing space and related facilities (commercial real estate) to licensed marijuana business operators for their production needs. Advanced Cannabis Solutions is pursuing ancillary business products and services. The ACS, Inc. management team offers consulting for marijuana regulatory compliance and advanced logistical support for grow operations. Advanced Cannabis Solutions is a fully reporting public company trading under the symbol of CANN on the OTC market.

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